Movement Tip: The Rope Climb (Legless)

This week CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the legless rope climb, which most definitely does require more upper body strength than the leg focused rope climb techniques we looked at over the last two weeks. To master this rope climb, you need to build up enough upper body strength to lift your bodyweight up the rope without any support from the legs. Initially, we suggest you start with your feet on the floor for a bit of support, working up towards your feet on a box until eventually you are able to work your way up the rope without any support from the legs. Once you’ve mastered the basic legless climb, work towards keeping the legs in an L-sit position and walking your hands down the rope instead of sliding down using the feet.

Points Of Performance

  • Grip the rope overhead
  • One arm reaches up the rope while the other hand holds
  • Lead arm pulls the body as high as possible
  • Bottom arm reaches up thh rope further than the lead arm
  • Continue to pull body upwards with alternationg arm reach